Business Process Management

The following is a list of some of the business processes we have automated over the last 20 years.

Process NameCompany Type
New Business Intakelaw firm, investment management
New Employee Onboardinglaw firm, investment management
Annual Budgetingnon-profit, law firm
Employee Referralnon-profit
Wire Transferbank, investment management
Customer Vettinglaw firm, investment management
Expense Reportingnon-profit, investment management
Policy Review & Publishingnon-profit, credit union
Marketing Materialsinvestment management
Intranet News Publishinginvestment management , non-profit, law firm
Salary Review and Adjustmentlaw firm
Computer Asset Managementnon-profit
Student Registrationuniversity
Property Acquisitionnon-profit
Employee Recognition non-profit, law firm
Contract Reviewlaw firm
Know Your Customerbank, investment management